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Thank you for visiting Coexistdoulas.com, owned by Coexist Doulas, LLC. Our website encompasses an online ecommerce store, blog, members platform, and classes. Throughout this communication, we will collectively refer to all these aspects as our webpage.  

At Coexist Doulas, we offer a diverse range of digital and physical products, as well as subscription offers. We understand the significance of clear payment policies, and therefore, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of our payment process.  

When making a purchase on our website, you will have the option to choose between digital and physical products, or even opt for a subscription offer. 

For digital products such as e-books, templates, online courses, or downloadable resources, payment is required upfront. Upon completion of the transaction, you will immediately gain access to your purchase. This enables you to begin benefiting from our digital offerings without any delays.  

If you decide to purchase a physical product, the payment process differs slightly. After selecting your desired items and proceeding to checkout, you will be prompted to enter your shipping address. Based on your location, we will calculate the shipping cost and add it to the total payment. Once the payment is successfully processed, our team will carefully package and ship your order within the specified timeframe.


We also offer subscription offers that provide ongoing access to exclusive doula content and resources. With our subscription offers, you will be billed on a recurring basis, either monthly or annually, depending on the plan you choose. This ensures uninterrupted access to our membership content.  

In addition to our subscriptions, we also offer virtual services. These services require prior payment before completion. To receive the service, you will need to locate and read the steps on receiving the virtual service you have paid for. Most virtual services require you to fill out or check your documentation and schedule a suitable time to receive the services. These steps are necessary in order to successfully receive the services. 

We understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to modify or cancel your order. If such a situation arises, please reach out to us so that we can assist you in resolving any issues and guide you through the necessary steps to make the desired changes.  

To ensure secure and efficient transactions, we have partnered with Groove Pay as our trusted payment gateway. We believe in providing our customers with a seamless payment experience, allowing them to make purchases with confidence and peace of mind. It is important to note that when purchasing items, including subscriptions and services, you are subject to Groove Pay's terms and conditions. We recommend familiarizing yourself with their terms to ensure a smooth payment experience.  

Please be aware that by purchasing items, including subscriptions and services, you are agreeing to the stated terms and conditions. 

We hope this detailed explanation of our payment policy has provided you with a clearer understanding of how the process works. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team. 

We are here to ensure your shopping experience is smooth, convenient, and enjoyable.  

We reserve the right to modify and revise our payment policy, procedures, and payment gateway services as necessary. It is important for you to regularly check for updates to stay informed of any changes. 

Please note that we have a 30-day period to update and amend any listed information.


- Thanks, From the Coexist Doulas Team!


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