My Sweetheart Blanket & Baby Bennie

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Introducing the My Sweetheart Blanket & Baby Bennie, meticulously handcrafted by Melanie Carnot, a trusted creator associated with Coexist Doulas Consignment Creator Program. We are excited to share with you our exquisite products, and please note that additional photos showcasing various color options will be available soon.  


Size Information:  Due to the unique stitching patterns and materials used, each size may slightly vary.  


Blankets & Bennie Sizes:  

Preemie - Newborn: 36x48 inches  - 20x22 inches  

Newborn - 3 Months: 40x48 inches  - 22x24 inches  

3 Months - 6 Months: 42x50 inches  - 24x28 inches  

6 Months - 12 Months: 44x50 inches  - 32x34 inches  


Care Instructions:  


Our blankets and beanies are made from 100% acrylic. To maintain their quality and longevity, please follow these care instructions:  - Avoid washing in hot water, ironing, or bleaching  - Recommended to wash in cold water on delicate cycle  - Air drying is preferred, but tumble drying on low heat is also acceptable  

Disclosure:  Please be aware that slight variations in size, color, and pattern markings may occur. Each blanket is individually handcrafted and may come from different stock or yarn scans.  


Prior to packaging, our items are washed according to the care instructions. Rest assured, your purchase will arrive in a sealed package, straight from the dryer.  

Thank you for considering our My Sweetheart Blanket & Baby Bennie. We take pride in delivering exceptional handcrafted products that meet your needs and expectations.



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