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No Goals Or Needs Are To Big For A Coexist Doula!

Below you will find the types of services Coexist Doulas currently offers! 

Doula Services 

At Coexist Doulas, we provide an extensive array of doula services that cater to your unique journey, from preconception to menopause. Our team is fully equipped to offer the support and empowerment you deserve. You'll love that most of our services can be conveniently done from the comfort of your own home or through telehealth. We're also more than happy to accompany you to doctor's appointments, classes, or even tours! The choice is yours! We also offer doula services in a public lotion of clients choosing

Chest feeding Services  

Discover the incredible support our coexist doulas offer for one of life's most rewarding skills: chest feeding. Whether it's through educational sessions or personalized in-home or virtual care visits, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our goal is to help lactation individuals achieve their chest feeding goals, and we can even provide guidance on induced lactation or lactation reduction if necessary. Join us on this amazing journey of learning and nurturing with your baby!