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I am Krystal, a certified Full Spectrum Doula, with additional certifications that enable me to provide comprehensive services to a diverse range of clients. I am currently located in Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA, where I appreciate the pleasant climate, although I personally favor the fall season.

I offer virtual and in-person services, primarily serving Nassau County and Duval County in Florida, as well as parts of Camden County, GA. While I generally limit my travel to a one-hour radius for in-person services, I encourage those who are slightly further away to still reach out so we can explore the possibility of accommodating their needs.

My journey as a doula began in 2016, and I obtained my certification in 2018, leading me to establish Coexist Doulas. This organization was founded on the principle that every birthing person should have access to doula care and support, regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or birthing preferences.

We firmly believe in the importance of providing an extra pair of helping hands, a safe space for conversation and understanding, and guidance in navigating the transformative changes that come with welcoming a new life. Our mission is to ensure that no one ever feels excluded or alone due to their circumstances.

As your doula, my aim is to approach your needs with an open mind and an open heart. I am dedicated to meeting you where you are and working together to achieve your birthing goals and preferences. I will collaborate closely with you and your medical team to establish an optimal circle of care, with your well-being at the forefront of our approach.

Additionally, I am committed to educating and informing healthcare providers about the invaluable role doulas play in the birthing process. We aspire to be a valuable resource within their toolkit, as we share a common goal of creating individualized care plans that incorporate education, informed consent, and a focus on the health and safety of our clients.

In terms of my qualifications, I am not only a certified full spectrum doula, but also hold certifications as a perinatal nutrition educator and PAIL advocacy specialist. Furthermore, I possess expertise as a breastfeeding counselor and placenta specialist. My professional background includes experience in home health management, event planning, and coordinating fundraisers and community-based events. Thank you for considering my services as a doula. I look forward to the opportunity to support you during this transformative journey.

Best of Vibes, Krystal V Hassan

Certifications, Credentials & More

Below are just some of things that helps me perform my job to the best of my albitites. 

    International Doula Institute 

    I am a proud scholar of the International Doula Institute. I regularly keep up with my certifications and contact my mentors to ensure I am always providing the best doula care I can!

    Healthy Start G.R.O.W Doula

    Credentialed Healthy Start G.R.O.W Doula since 2023. An amazing new program to help N.E Florida reduce infant maternal mortally rates. 

    The  Doula Network (TDN)

    Credentialed Doula for TDN Since 2023. Working with this amazing company has allowed me the honor to help provide services to Medicaid clients.

    PAIL Advocate

    I have been a Certified PAIL Advocate since 2023, thanks to the invaluable knowledge and passion imparted to me by Mrs. Hall, founder of Q.U.I.T. This training has equipped me to effectively assist my clients during their time of need, particularly in unfortunate circumstances involving the passing of a loved one along our journey.

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    The Educated Bith

    I love being  a member. Their materials really help bring inclusivity into the reproductive health field. 

    Evidence Based Birth

    I love being a member.  They are often my go to for continued education and non biased based information to share with my clients.